Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New website under construction

I'm building a proper website for the branch! Eventually it will be hosted by LeftSpace and be called something like www.southdevoncommunists.org.uk. For now I'm using the free space that Google is kind enough to give me.

You can see the work in progress here.

Common Sense? The Ideology of the Con-Dem Coalition

The economic situation has given the ruling class the perfect alibi to inflict their ideology upon the country. The Tories are able to bring about their pro-business, anti-state (which, as we all know, means anti-democratic and anti-worker) policies. These policies are dressed up in liberal ideals of individuality, freedom, choice, aspiration and the “local”. What makes the situation worse is that the “pain” of the cuts is being blamed on the previous Labour government. The public are being told that the recession was not the systemic failure of capitalism, but the fault of a bloated public sector.

But who would not agree with the following: more choice; less bureaucracy; more local decision-making; efficient public services? Unfortunately the way the Con-Dems seek to bring about this “revolution” is by selling the country to the lowest bidder. This can be seen in the two key policy areas announced so far – schools and the NHS.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Tolpuddle Martyrs 2010

What started off as a clod grey day, ended in glorious sunshine. The sunburn is killing.

Here are the photos of the CPB banners from this years Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival: CPB Banners Tolpuddle 2010

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Exotically Coloured Cocktail Anyone?

OK, so I've seen Kylie live - twice. And my boyfriend does own every CD she has ever released and we have been known to spend Saturday night in with several bottles of wine and a collection of Kylie DVD's. But that's  not the point.

While everyone with any sense should welcome the Supreme Court's decision to grant asylum to gay men and lesbians who could be executed if deported, the words of Lord Rodger are slightly worrying. Or are they? Here is the quote in full: