Saturday, 27 March 2010

No No NO!

Blogging has always seemed a bit odd to me. Why on earth should I spend my time writing about the world, and why (more to the point) would anyone want to read it? After all, I'm already getting bored of facebook, and that has pictures and games.

Over the coming months the country is going to be engulfed with media speculation, propaganda, soundbites, promises, lies, and an ever increasing race to the bottom. With Alistair Darling's recent BBC interview (, we now know that even the Labour Party is going to get over the current crisis in the Capitalist system by taking it out on the Public Sector and ordinary workers of this country. The ruling class are either too scared too consider the socialist alternative, too deep in the pockets of the business world, or too stupid to acknowledge the truth.

I'll try not to make it too bombastic, but I often can't help myself!

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