Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The People's Charter - Not just an anti-cuts campaign

Recently the People's Charter was described to me as "the CPB's anti-cuts campaign".

The People's Charter is not an anti-cuts movement. Yes, if adopted, it would mean that none of the government's cuts would be enacted. But more than that, it is a document for the future. It is a set of policies and demands that lay the groundwork for the building of socialism in this country.

As for the CPB reference, I hand over to John Hendy QC

Taken from the Morning Star 17/05/2011

People's Charter joint chairman John Hendy QC refuted today the allegation made by TSSA general secretary Gerry Doherty on Monday that the charter once shared an address with the Communist Party.
The trade union lawyer said that he had been invited by phone to attend the meeting that founded the People's Charter on October 25 2008 in London.
"The meeting was attended by trade unionists, representatives of various political parties - notably the Labour Party in the person of John McDonnell MP, the Communist Party in the person of Robert Griffiths, the SWP in the person of Paul Holborrow and Respect and others," Mr Hendy told the Morning Star.
"The general secretaries of RMT, FBU and BFAWU were present and spoke.
"The charter was launched at the House of Commons on March 11 2009.
"Before its launch, it operated only from the addresses of individuals. It has never operated from or held meetings of any kind at the Communist Party headquarters.
"It has not and has never had any more connection with the CP than with any other of the political parties who joined the trade unionists and others to form it," Mr Hendy added.
Mr Hendy noted that the TUC had voted to endorse the People's Charter in September 2009 when only Prospect spoke against.
"I assume that TSSA was present and voted and has supported the People's Charter and its six points since at least the TUC debate," he said.
"It seems irrational now to oppose an organisation endorsed by the entire British trade union movement on the basis that one among many political parties also endorses it."

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